Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why having babies might be a bad idea.

This note is for everyone who does-not-like/hates/abhors/detests/is-scared-of/indifferent to/repelled by/vomits-because-of/runs-off-into-the-wilderness because of BABIES. It's also for those who hate people who assume that after adulthood comes marriage and after marriage comes parenthood.
I don't know what has brought on this rampage but I think it might be therapeutic for us to list, very systematically, the reasons that make it not-so-worthwhile to have kids.
Here are some of mine:
1) They are sooooooo expensive to 'produce' and sustain!
2) You're going to invest your khoon-paseena into their up-bringing for what? They are going to hate you once they grow up anyway. For every fuck-up of theirs they are going to hold you responsible. eg. You didn't take them to the zoo so now they have a pathological fear of animals. You fed them too much ice-cream so now they are overweight. You took too much interest in their studies so now they are self-destructive competitive freaks. You talked to them about sex and they are traumatised. You didn't talk to them about sex and they are traumatised. Bloody hell. The list is endless.
3) They have issues.
4) They are irrational. No, I'm no advocate of the enlightenment obsession with reason but seriously...there's a limit to how much your 'emotions' can control you! Babies are all about the instinct and emotion.
5) They are so...idiotic. They don't know how to filter anything out. Anything can mess them up! This isnt to say that adults don't get messed up by external circumstances. But atleast adults are sort-of equipped to deal with things. Kids know no discrimination. You tell them they are bad and you've destroyed their self confidence forever! You tell them they are very smart and you have arrogant, smug brats on your hands. It's disgusting.
6) Connected with the previous point: You have to be sooooooo careful about everything you say in their presence. It takes away your right to be you. Not nice. Too much responsibility!

The Guardian lists down stastical reasons of not having babies. Click here to see