Thursday, January 27, 2011


Here is a guest blogger, Kanav Rishi Kumar, voicing his angst about the CWG scandal. Although its an old issue, but as long as its anti-establishment, it goes on our blog!

A dear friend of mine recently wrote a very detailed and long article focusing on the fact that an excess amount of money was spent on CWG and it could be used to develop those parts of our country which did not enjoy several privileges which are enjoyed in a metropolis such as New Delhi  instead of upgrading them to meet global standards to host the CWG . For all  all such people who pander to such holier-than-thou notions, I would like to share my thoughts . I use my right to express today and assure you  that I am being as polite as i can after reading an insult to my , sorry Our Country .... This is my reply to the article ....

I read your article titled 'Still Proud to be an Indian' ... it's very well written but it's not that simple ... yes a lot of money was spent but the money earned is in multiples of that ... further no money was spent as such on making life comfortable for outsiders ... who remind you treat us well, when we visit them on such occasions... but only for development .... again you pointed it out that why make what is good better... when you can fix what is wrong ... well honestly ... India is discriminated and looked down upon ... out of the several things which, hosting these games and doing them well will change ... the INR to USD power will be a greatly influenced  ... most importantly this is the first time in a long time .... India has been deemed capable for something international ... yes cricket is hosted in india a lot and is a big deal ... but fact of the matter is if you put your feeling aside for a minute you will realize it is the most insignificant sport to developed countries and rather small even ( the cricket world cup on global levels as compared to FIFA) .... why i am writing this is because I am proud to be an Indian and just expressing myself as you did ... this is not a debate of any sort ... but i believe if the success of CWG doesn't make you proud to be an indian... its because you are not proud to be an Indian ... your thinking is in lines, if not identical to the millions of people who get laughed upon by the world when they sit around people from developed countries ... and then try to hide ... run ... migrate abroad .... try to merge with people they don't belong with ... and try to forget India completely ... i personally believe it is a journalists job to say things not true ... persuade public against the government at all times ... but sit back for a minute and think ... what if CWG was not hosted in India ... USD gets more expensive... Our international airport was not even at power with the rural bus stops of other countries ... No recognition in ages ... there are so many more i am afraid if i start i will not be able to stop ... so i'll let your imagination lead you down that path .... now lets consider the other possibility ... if they did decide to host it and did not spend this much money , which was absolutely required ... along with the fact it would be worse then not hosting it at all ... it would bring shame ... insult ... disgrace to our nation ... our fellow Indians ... and would people like YOU who insult our nation and it's people by declaring your not proud of India ... sit at peace and say it was good they saved up the money and built roads ... gave drinking water supplies ... No sir i assure you ... you would then be one of the first to insult our beloved nation ... and would do nothing but look for a way ... a chance ... an opportunity to run away from this nation ... I'm sorry if this message is blunt and harsh ... but so was your post, an insult to every proud Indian out there ... just a proud indian ... and you sir ... just got served!

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